Friday, June 15, 2007


Kitty Stand Off

There is no kitty, who can stand off longer than me! Something about a kitty who won't run. Some where back in my memories, I know enough to stay clear.

Allex Michael: Found starving in a garbage dump, Ebbey used to know there is no fiercer creature than a garbage dump cat. It is hidden some where in her memories. However, after 2 years of captivity and domestic living, Ebbey can't seem to remember exactly why.

A cat was recently sitting outside a neighbor's home, where two dogs also live. As Ebbey approached, the cat stood her ground and quickly began arching her back. Ebbey stalked the cat within 4 feet, but would go no closer. Unfortunately she would not leave the stand off either. So I had to drag her away. Of course the cocky kitty then stalked us for a while...which led to more Ebbey dragging.

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