Sunday, December 04, 2005


No Walks

My feet get too cold, so I’m not getting my walks.

This is the sixth day in a deep freeze and it’s too cold to take the dogs for a walk. I’ve tried driving Ebbey to the park, but she ends up with frozen feet after just a few minutes. I’m amazed at how well Ebbey is handling it. This time last year, she would have been climbing the walls without enough exercise. This year she’s not happy, but more accepting.


This was no Dog

We visited the place with all the pet toys today. I saw what looked like a dog, but his smell gave him away.

Ebbey has greeted dogs as small as two miniature dachshunds, which are about the size of a hot dog. So when we went to the pet store, and she looked through the glass, her tail began to wag upon seeing a short brown furry creature with an unusually large head. Within a few seconds, Ebbey’s tail stopped wagging. This dog just didn’t smell right. In fact it smelled more like a bunny than it did a dog. Her legs became rigid, as Ebbey stood there staring through the glass. The brown furry creature looked back, then started eating. Though a guinea pig may look like a miniature canine, this was no dog.

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