Monday, March 13, 2006


Bad Memories

Don't like people looking at my teeth.

Allex Michael: While brushing Ebbey's teeth outside one morning, I discovered that not just one small front tooth, but actually three front teeth are chipped and broken. She doesn't like people looking at her teeth, so I've never gotten such a good look as today. Plus there is just the one tooth with a noticeable brown mark. When I made a fuss, she became very upset. It's normal for pack animals to hide any weakness, out of fear they will lose status in the pack. But it's as if she remembered the event that led to the damage. Perhaps a pipe to the mouth or even being hit by a vehicle. Her self consciousness lasted two days.


Screaming Hare

Hearing a weird high pitched shriek, like a screaming piglet crossed with a whale, Ebbey quickly looked out the window to find the source of the sound. A coyote likely killed a snowshoe hare.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Spooky Night

Some nights, Ebbey is totally spooked. Looking over her shoulder and especially jumpy, it's as if she's being stalked by some unearthly creature.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Winter Weighty

Allex Michael: Only able to eat about 19 foods, due to allergies, I'm constantly trying to optimize Ebbey's diet. She's also become a more picky eater, and will vomit if her stomach is empty. Vomiting isn't all that bad for a dog, but you have to remember that Ebbey vomited up to 7 times a day when I first adopted her so I prefer to keep enough food in her stomach to avoid this.
I changed to a more fatty type of ground beef last fall, not only due to the price, but because dogs need some fat in their diet. Especially during the colder months of winter. My scales disappeared in the chaos that is my life, and I also became lazy about weighing Ebbey's food for every meal. As a result, the dog's weight soared to over 95 pounds (44kg). Fifteen pounds (7kg) more than she weighed the previous fall. Despite being on a diet for the last 4 weeks, she has not lost a single pound. This is the opposite problem I had after first adopting her, as I couldn't get her to gain weight. Will have to try harder.

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