Monday, April 24, 2006


Bunny Lawn Ornaments

Many lawns have animals, so I watch carefully to see if they move. If they don't move, I know they are fake.

Ebbey on occasion, but mostly the Rottweiler sees a lawn ornament and mistakes it for potential prey.

Allex Michael: Some urban areas seem overrun with snowshoe hares the last few years. So Ebbey smells hare scent where ever we walk. One night six hares were parked on someone's lawn and remained totally motionless as myself and the two dogs walked by. After watching the hares for some time, both dogs became certain they were lawn ornaments because no bunny can stay still that long.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


The Ebbey Rottweiler Relationship

Allex Michael: Ebbey and I now cohabit with a once rescued Rottweiler. Despite claims to the contrary, the rotti isn't great around other dogs. Ebbey can't go in the backyard with the rottweiler and play, as the Rotti's idea of fun is bite chases. Even under supervision. Ebbey is slightly fearful of her new roommate, and will quickly give up her food if the Rottweiler moves in on her dish. It was dicey for the six months, as the Rottweiler wanted to be top dog of the household and the only thing standing in her way is Ebbey. However, Ebbey loves her and having a Rottweiler roomate has it's benefits. Walk time is now mostly carefree. With the Rottweiler taking care of security, Ebbey can now focus on tracking scent and searching for critters. Ebbey also now has terrific backup when packs of coyotes venture too close.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Nail Saga Continues

My mistress has found a new way to torture me.

Allex Michael: Cutting Ebbey's nails remains a huge chore. The dog is so strong that even with an assistant sitting on her, she will not allow me to cut her fast growing black ridgeback nails. The last two times she tried to bite the assistant which is no laughing matter with a dog her size. When she started avoiding areas of the house where nail cutting may occur, I switched over to using a Dremel tool with a round sander. The first few times were very difficult, as she was fearful of the sound, but she reacts better when not held down. Sanding her back claws are easier and better tolerated than sanding the front ones. Plus, I'm better off alone as she would never dare bite me. Unlike the sharp cutters, there has never been any blood flow and one to two sandings per week seems to be breaking even on the nail growing front. Other than taking significantly longer, the only other drawback is airborne nail dust. It's not good for the respiratory tract, so I'm not sure what to do when winter comes.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Bunny Death Wish

Some bunnies wait until I get about twenty feet before they run away.

If Ebbey was off leash, twenty feet may be to close for a bunny's safety. Urban hares seem to know that a leashed dog isn't free to chase them.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Coyotes Could Be Anywhere

Ebbey saw a show about coyotes just before her evening walk and was spooked the entire trip. She kept looking over her shoulder, sniffing and listening to every noise.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Polite Dog

Etiquette or Hierarchy

I almost always wait for my mistress to sit down with her dinner before I start eating.

Allex Michael: I often eat my dinner while lying on the floor in front of the television. The ritual is to make Ebbey sit, then put down her meal on a tray. I then go lay down with my dinner plate. She often waits until I'm settled before she gets up and starts to eat.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Late Night Wings

Late one night large birds flew right over my head while I was sitting on top of a hill.

< Ebbey watches Canada Geese swim across the pond.

Allex Michael: Things sound differently in the night air. During spring time migration, sometimes flocks of geese fly low to avoid power lines when cruising to find rest stops in urban areas. Ebbey and I were sitting on top of a hill, looking at the scenery, when the flock whooshed over us. They were flying so low, Ebbey could have jumped up and nearly grabbed one.

Monday, April 03, 2006


It Must be Spring

The bunnies barely even notice me, as I bound towards them.

Springtime is the height of bunny romance, and their focus on reproduction is so strong that a potential predator has a much easier time of approaching.

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