Thursday, May 26, 2005


Coyote Encounter

Ebbey: Coyotes are Really Evil!

Walking Ebbey, the J (a large rescued rottweiler cross) and Bu (Ebbey’s large 14 year old geriatric friend), a large male coyote was loping by and stopped on a hill to look down on us. He was only about 50 feet away. Ebbey broke into scream barking mode, and began jump circling as the other two dogs watched. Ebbey bumped Bu in her fervor, knocking the old dog onto her butt. This led me to grab the scruff of Ebbey’s neck for a reprimand. Just about the same time, her harness broke. Someone was looking out for us, as this prevented Ebbey from running at the coyote and possibly getting herself maimed or worse. Someone had found the remains of a border collie sized dog, in this coyote’s territory, so I’m not sure how a crazed ridgeback would fare against a big male.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Pet Store Visit

Ebbey: After waiting in the car, forever, I got to sniff toys and food but never got any.

Took Ebbey into a large pet store for a second visit. Ironically almost a year to the day, when I had first adopted her. What a difference a year makes. It was almost like taking another dog, she was so well behaved. Well except for two of the people who stopped to pet her, whom she crotch sniffed. But otherwise, she was great. Ebbey’s never been bathed, but I bought some gentle oatmeal dog shampoo in case I ever get up the nerve. Luckily her coat and skin are nearly odorless.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Growly Golden

Ebbey: I met a huge growly gold dog today.

Barely fluent in English, a Japanese couple were walking a huge golden retriever. Ebbey has been bitten three times, so I’m very careful to prevent a fourth incident. She also won’t defend herself, and lies down submissively, which seems to escalate the aggression in certain dogs. Luckily the golden was all growl and no bite. Ebbey was still a bit frightened, with the ridge on her back totally raised. Talking to both dogs, the man kept trying to pet Ebbey’s raised ridge down as if this would calm her.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Ebbey Revisits the Banff Gondola

Ebbey: Finally many people recognized me for the wonderful dog I am!

In order to reorient myself to the scenery, Ebbey and I revisited the Banff Gondola as tourists. The Banff Gondola and surrounding area is one of the locations in the upcoming film 'Search Dog's Raven'.

Visitors went wild over Ebbey, asking to have their photo taken with the dog and petting her. It was wild considering none of them yet knows that Ebbey is in a film.

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