Friday, July 29, 2005


Teacup Bunny

Out for a nighttime walk, a tiny critter was resting on some rocks in the alley. As we passed by, it suddenly took off. Only it was a mini sized bunny.

Snowshoe hare populations seem to be booming in western urban areas, but I have never seen such a young hare on it’s own. This one was either separated from it’s mother or orphaned, as it was about the size of a donut.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Flying Mousy

I almost caught another mouse, until it flew away. I was so surprised, I nearly fell back on my bum.

Just before bed, Ebbey went out in the back yard. Something quickly got the attention of either her nose, her eyes or her ears. As she bounded over towards the rustling grass, the mouse suddenly took flight and escaped. Previous mouse encounters did not include flying and Ebbey nearly fell back on her bum. Based on the size, it was likely a small brown bat feeding on an insect. Luckily it escaped Ebbey’s fast pounce.

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