Sunday, January 15, 2006


Training Milestone

Allex Michael: Terrified that this day would come, and my dog's face would be plastered around the city as yet another lost dog or splattered on the front grill of a car, Ebbey encountered a snowshoe hare off leash. Ebbey is an incredibly fast runner, so is able to keep up with most snowshoe hares. She gave chase for several hundred yards, jumped over a residential backyard fence but then slammed to a stop when the hare ducked under the front yard fence and sped across the road. Perhaps the fence was the deterrent, but I was just so grateful she actually returned. (Sorry to whoever's backyard Ebbey invaded)

Found starving in a garbage dump, this is a milestone in Ebbey's training.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Ebbey Karma

Allex Michael: Ebbey's wildness is in stark contrast to my first dog. A black shepherd bouvier cross who was exceptionally well trained with just 15 minute training sessions per day. People would always remark how well behaved my first dog was, heeling off leash in the most stressful of situations. Because of this, I would look at people with badly behaved dogs and wonder why they just didn't take a little time to train their dog.

Adopting Ebbey added some karma to my life. Found starving in a garbage dump, I cut her some slack after our training sessions made little progress. Determined to have a well trained companion, like my first dog, I increased training to twice daily and added food incentives. Ebbey's behavior greatly improved but the results are still disappointing when prey presents itself. After about eighteen months, I've also given up any hope that she will ever heel off leash. In fact, I'm just happy when she doesn't pull me to the ground while chasing a bunny.

Now, people with well trained dogs, watch Ebbey dragging me down the street and wonder why I just don't take a little time to train the unruly beast.


Life is the Chase

I live for the hunt!

Allex Michael: As a Rhodesian ridgeback (hunting dog) likely crossed with a lab (another hunting dog), most of Ebbey's brain is geared towards scent and pursuing prey. Though now easier to handle, than when first adopted, Ebbey still loses her mind whenever she scents or sees any potential prey. This includes hares, cats, mice, other dogs, deer and coyotes. Even a leaf or piece of paper blowing in the wind can lead to a powerful and unexpected lunge on the leash.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Many Evils at the Garage

Trucks, horns and now blasters.

Allex Michael: Once living as part of a wild dog pack in a garbage dump and shunned by humanity, Ebbey still has many fears. People used to shoot at her from trucks and honk at road crossings with horns. However, I only recently discovered she is also scared of the air pump to fill vehicle tires. I tried praise while measuring and filling each tire, but she remains wary.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Black Cat Trash

Anything and everything could turn out to be a critter!

Allex Michael: Hidden in tall grass, a small piece of dark trash turned out to be a small black cat. Seeing a Rottweiler and Ebbey, he thought better to freeze than to run. Unfortunately, he froze until they were almost on top of him. Luckily the element of surprise foiled the canines.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Love for Lamb

I love trying new foods, though some taste similar to others. Some foods seem more like bunny food than Ebbey food.

Allex Michael: Haven't tried lamb, but Ebbey is definitely allergic to lamb liver.

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