Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Big Kitty

I recognize that big kitty.

Ebbey often watches tv shows about animals, but was particularly enamored by an episode of Killer Instinct about the Lynx. It's as if she's seen one before. Perhaps when she was living out in the wild or possibly during one of our wilderness hikes. Ebbey watched with great interest as the Lynx chased, captured and killed voles and a snowshoe hare.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Why Does My Mistress Torture Me?

She is so nice, except when it comes to nail cutting.

Allex Michael: Cutting Ebbey's nails is becoming a huge chore. With solid black nails, it's impossible to see the veins. Ridgeback nails grow very fast and require weekly trims which are becoming a nightmare. I now have to find an assistant to hold her, who she now uncharacteristically threatens to bite.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Coyote Pack

Coyotes do not belong in my territory!

Allex Michael: I took Ebbey and the Rottweiler for a late night walk. Crossing a pedestrian walkway, over the highway, two coyotes had the same idea from the other direction. Ebbey hates coyotes and began her rigid leg bark attack routine. So I guided both dogs back across the bridge with the coyotes lingering to watch. We stopped to watch them from a safe distance, but neither dog would look in their direction. Come to think of it, the coyote alarm (Ebbey) had also stopped barking. As I soon discovered, they were watching three additional coyotes who were crossing the highway to come around at us from another direction. The three of us can fend off two to three coyotes, but I prefer to retreat when they start ganging up.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Slow Moving Bunnies

Two strange looking bunnies hesitated a very long time as we bounded towards them.

Ebbey will stalk just about anything, including her doggie pals.

Two weird looking snowshoe hares turned out to be two white cats. Based on their slow reaction time the kitties will likely become a coyote meal in the near future.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Love the Taste, Hate the Scratch

The other dogs get to eat all kinds of food, but my food is really boring.

Allex Michael: Only able to eat about 19 foods in the whole world, I'm always trying to find new food that Ebbey can eat without an allergic reaction. Cottage cheese and cream are now off the list, though she can tolerate a couple teaspoons of yogurt weekly.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Every Walk is an Adventure

Birdies swooped just above our heads.

Allex Michael: Other than bunnies (snowshoe hares) small ground dwelling birds are another of Ebbey's favorite critters to find. A small flock of Hungarian partridge (an introduced species of small ground birds that has spread across North America) flew right over our head one night. Feathers from one wing brushed down against my hat.

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