Monday, August 22, 2005


Scent is My Life

There is nothing more important than scent.

My first dog was a shepherd, so adjusting to a sight and scent hound is more difficult than I anticipated. Ebbey is a Rhodesian ridgeback cross and has very high instincts when it comes to potential prey. Today is a good example. Despite oncoming cars, Ebbey stopped to smell a scent in the middle of the road and was virtually immovable. Pulling, and soon yelling, I was unable to budge her from the scent. Luckily I finally yanked her across the road before we became roadkill.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Alien Bunny

It seemed dead, but then it’s shiny blue eyes followed us.

Before dawn, a very unusual creature was lying in the middle of the highway. It looked wet, and I thought it may be covered in blood. The light revealed an unusual blue eye shine, so we wondered if it was injured. As we walked closer, for a better look, the alien creature turned out to be a discarded house plant. It’s large roots splayed out like legs from a broken jewel encrusted pot. The two large blue acrylic stones looked like eyes from certain angles, and Ebbey’s rottweiler walking partner remained certain this was some kind of alien bunny. Ebbey’s nose told her otherwise, though she also continued to watch carefully.

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