Thursday, January 04, 2007


Furry Humans or Two Legged Predators

I froze in my tracks, as the creature approached.

Allex Michael: I don't wear fur and Ebbey has obviously never seen a fur wearing human based on her reaction.

We were invited to a rather posh New Year's brunch at an acreage and several of the guests were wearing fur. One rather short lady was wearing a floor length fur coat with the hood up and Ebbey suddenly froze, staring at her. Several moments passed as her back ridge and hackles raised and then calmed and then raised again. She was likely assessing whether this a two legged predator about to attack or just a rather furry human. As soon as the lady assured she was human Ebbey calmed right down and went over for a pet. However, she still kept a close eye on this furry woman.

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